21st October 2010

Another visit to the Aletaster is lined up and will see the first public unveiling of the new songs that didn`t happen when we had to cancel Albert Park. Be afraid !

15th June 2010

Ok - so this hasn`t been updated for a while, but it`s because we`ve been so busy rehearsing new songs and perfecting the dance routines. The Albert Park festival will see the Zonophones first (and probably last) festival appearance and shouldn`t be missed !

15th August 2008

We had a fine old time at Jeff`s wedding. The place was great, the food & drink were great, there were no inter-family fights and everyone was drunk enough not to spot our shortcomings. Result all round.

8th October 2007

Made the mistake of drinking Newcastle Brown Ale at the Corner House gig. Not the wisest move ever and my hangover on Saturday morning wasn`t much fun. The gig went pretty well though and the room was just a nice size to fit in our select band of followers.

13th September 2007

So, only 3 weeks to go to the gig at the Corner House and how are rehearsals going ? Hmmm ... Moments of brilliance, moments of hair-pulling frustration - all the usual stuff. It`ll be alright on the night !

30th August 2007

Plans for the next gig have been thrown into turmoil as the Bridge is booked ! What will we do ? Will we end up playing in The Aletaster ? You can only hope not.

16th August 2007

Well, so much has happened since the last gig. Sunderland were top of the Premiership, Britney Spears was photo`d showing her pants, I had a lovely bit of Tuna for my tea, but still all the papers are talking about is The Zonophones live at the Bridge.

When I say `all the papers`, I obviously mean `no-one at all`, but you can only dream.

I think the idea is to have another gig just before Graeme goes off around the world in search of spiritual fulfillment. Watch this space ...

1st August 2007

After another rehearsal last night, where several keyboard noises were sorted out somewhat more successfully than the guitar solos, we`re all looking forward to the gig with relish. BBQ relish. On a nice big burger. With fries. Unfortunately Darrin`s still away in Greece - you`d think as a project manager he`d have managed to arrange the gig when he`s actually in the country on the run up !

13th July 2007

Another quality rehearsal last night and everything is now almost note perfect. Let`s hope there isn`t a 2 week gap between now and the gig that will make us forget everything !

12th July 2007

Rehearsals are going tremendously well for the up and coming gig. We really are confident that this one will be the biggest and best yet. Except for the guitar solo in Let`s Go Crazy, which will come as a bit of a disappointment.