Who Are We ?


Singer, keyboard player, guitarist, songwriter, wine maker.
A stranger to scissors and no friend of Wilkinson Sword, Tim has an unfortunate predeliction for shorts - even in the most inclement of weather. This picture of him in full length trousers was presumably taken while his shorts were in the washing machine shown in the background.
Can we not play with a ball this big - I`d have much more chance of stopping it


Bass player, golfer, Toon fan.
When he`s not playing bass or playing golf or watching the Toon, he`s probably doing something else. Judging by the photo, he goes fishing dressed as a goalkeeper, but I don`t believe the one that got away was that big.
A particularly attractive pose


Having stepped into the slightly whiffy shoes of Jeff Patterson, Graeme has made the drum stool his own. Largely because he bought it with the rest of the kit.
The red face was caused by the sun, not embarrassment from playing the wrong notes again


Having briefly made an appearance as bass player until Darrin stepped out of retirement, he is only appearing in the band because he was the least worst guitarist the rest of them knew in The Aletaster one Sunday afternoon. What he lacks in guitar playing ability, he fails to make up elsewhere.


Guitarist, singer, songwriter, bon viveur.
Cheese has taken a back seat for the moment to fill himself with pies. Will he be back in the fold ? Who knows - watch this space.