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In the beginning there was rock. And roll. They got together to create a godawful din which has evolved over the years into a din even more godawful than before. Now, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, comes Opium. Not just a band - well, actually, only just a band.

Starting life as a lowly club band, they have worked their way up through the ranks, through trials and tribulations, through thick and thin, through more Brown Ale than you can believe, to become what they are today - a lowly club band. But playing a few better songs than before.

This site is dedicated to their worship and praise. And ridicule. Within these pages is the truth behind one of the dullest stories never told. So gather up your mouse and click your way through a journey of enlightenment, enjoyment, wonderment and, unfortunately, quite a bit of disappointment.

Click and enjoy. A bit. If you're lucky.

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